Archive | June 16, 2020

How to Play Netflix Movies on TV

Netflix provides unlimited internet movie streaming to your PC for that fixed monthly price (in addition to the mailer DVDs). However , watching movies on your PC or laptop is only healthy for one or two persons. Why not share the movies with your friends or family by just sending the movies to your TV? Unless you already have an Wii, otherwise you would have to spend at least $99 to buy a training video player from รีวิวหนัง NETFLIX 2019 to stream movies to your TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER. The following steps will cost you a lot less.

Step 1

1) Connect your company laptop with your home TV with a S-video cable:

The very S-composite cable is the easiest way to send video images inside of PC to your TV. You might have one at home already. If you happen to, pick one up from Amazon. com or Radio Shark.


2) Turn on your PC and start NVIDIA control:

The NVIDIA control allows you to send signals to a second display watch, i. e., your TV. Set it to twofold display.

Step 3

3) Turn on your TV and power the video feed button to find the PC feed:

You should at this moment see what is displayed on your PC.

Step 4

4) Connect external usb loud speakers to the PC:

The speakers will increase the volume of the sounds and add stereo effects. Make sure often the playback device is now set to the external speakers using he volume/audio control. If not, unplug and reconnect the exact speakers until they are recognized by the PC.

Step 5

5) Start a Netflix movie like normal:

Now the video warning should be sent to the TV screen and the sound should be amplified by the speakers for your enjoyment.

Step 6

6) Get the diet programs ready and enjoy your favorite movies!