According to Corona: Will working in the home office remain?

Before Corona, Swiss employees wanted more flexible working methods. On the pandemic, both they and their bosses have recognized the fact that home office has proven its worth. With the gradual loosening of the contact restriction regulations, companies are slowly returning to most of their offices. Is this also a return to business as usual?

Social removing measures are currently being relaxed and some employees can resume their offices. That should be in the interest of many employees who would like to look at their colleagues again after long weeks in the home office. However , was that already the “new normality” and online ways of working? After all, according to a study by the FHNW in addition to ZHAW, more than 70 percent feel comfortable in their home office and would like to keep going this type of work even after the corona crisis.

Digitization is affecting future forms of work

The corona crisis has generated forms of work to be discussed in many companies now. Office has proven itself despite the previous skepticism of many agencies. A look at the costs also suggests changes. ”

Some leaders have already announced that they will be more open to the desire for a office in the future.

“Many employees long for the office, especially because of their peers, but have also come to appreciate the autonomy in the home office, lunch break

The future world of work will be different
There are in all probability several reasons behind this conflicting wish. Many workers are worried about their jobs due to the economic consequences of the Corona meltdown or fear financial bottlenecks at least due to short-time do the job.

On the other hand, in the past few weeks, many employees have come to appreciate the convenience in terms of time and the time saved by not having to travel to operate.

Working as before is currently not an issue
Those who prefer to revisit work quickly and hope that everything will be the similar to before will be disappointed: Companies have to meet numerous even more health and safety requirements. Correspondingly, social distancing and hygiene plus distance rules must be observed. This means: In many cases, not all people can go back to the office at the same time. One solution is to work on fixed teams. If it is not possible to keep enough distance, the same old chat around the coffee machine or large rounds of events are canceled. For this, contact protocols and regular disinfection will continue to be part of everyday life for all employees. News around the clock for news schweiz.

Companies should undoubtedly think about possible models so that more flexible forms of work will be meaningfully designed for employees.