Bath Bombs – So What Are They, and What Are They Made Out Of?

Baths bombs come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes called bath fizzies. Certain companies have invented their own names for marketing applications, for example bath blasters / ballistics etc .

They usually items sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, this is what creates the very physical bomb mixture and the fizz when added to waters. Essential oils, fragrances, colourings and other additions such as accepted petals and lavender seeds can then added.

Some are manufactured with specific ingredients to moisturise, relax and smooth our skin such as Shea butter or Milk.

These products can be mouth blown and machine made, some manufactures believe that hand making (manually mixing) creates more of a reaction when the bath bombs they fit in water, increasing the fizz and so dissolving swifter.

The mixture is then compacted into a mould, Surprise Bath Bombs are usually moulded into spheres (hence the name “bomb”) but as they are placed into moulds they can be found in all sorts of shapes which include hearts.
As stated above, because of the different colourings and herbal oils added, each bomb is individual and ingredients deviate. Once added to a bath each bomb creates different scents and colour, making a different experience for the person taking the bath.

When dry, they are solid. Only when added to mineral water do they fizz vigorously and dissolve within a matter of minutes.

There are a number retailers and websites selling bath bombs. For some facial retailers these products are one of their main product lines. Additionally there are sites selling the materials needed to produce your own together with tutorials on how to do so.