Blue Air Filters – Will it Protect My Home From Invaders?

The very blue air purifiers and blue air filters are not a fact Hepa filters. True hepa filters are the highest conventional of indoor air filters you can get as they can eradicate over 99. 97% of all home air contaminants.

Hepa is actual an acronym and it stands for “High Functionality Particulate Air”. The best hepa filters can remove airborne debris from the air as small as 0. 3 microns. A micron is a measurement of size and refers to 1 millionth of a meter. Particles that are 10 microns and less may not be seen with the naked eye.

Just to give you an idea, a good pollen can range from 5-100 microns in size, so it is imperative that you have a filter that can deal with a wide range or particle capacities.

The Blue Home Air Filter for Doorways are different than true hepa filters in that they allow larger particles to pass through often the filter. The manufactures of blue air purifiers did the to allow air to pass through the filter without too much racket usually associate with other true hepa filter using purifiers.

Blue compensates for the larger particles passing through by search for a internal electrostatic ionizers that charge the flow earlier than passing through the filter. This way most of the smaller particles might be trapped and removed from the air before it re-enters the actual.

This can create some issues with negatively charged ions, which will cause problems in most people, but they say they have a set off carbon that removes any negative ions. I am not to sure as to how much negative ions are removed until the air is introduced back into the atmosphere. They did almost the entire package in order to reduce the noise level of the purifier.

Negative ions were shown to cause more problem for people with asthma and other second respiratory problems.

I personally would much rather the noise as well as have a true hepa any-day. I guess that is also why the exact blue air purifiers are usually so much more expensive than other brands and also true hepa air purifiers.

If you are not breathing normally, suffer allergic or asthma all year round, filter your indoor air. Some sort of air filter installed in your home or office will keep your house air clean of pollutants and irritants that may be shortening our life.

A quality air filter will remove airborne debris and irritants to the lowest micron. This will promote high-quality indoor living for you even if you had no respiratory ailments.

Electrostatic air filters are among the best indoor air filter. Experts consider it the most effective technology for filtering your household’s air. Electrostatic air filters use electronically charged filtration system to capture dust and other contaminants.

The need for a healthy indoor weather is obvious. Your good health and life depend dramatically on oxygen that can be easily contaminated? Maybe, as most consumers, you spend a better of your life indoors than out of doors.

An indoor oxygen that is devoid of contaminants promotes healthy living with pure the necessary oxygen. Both furnace and central air conditioner systems have down sides. In time these air filter equipment gather to much contaminant that inevitably find their way out into your indoor air.

Dust is known as a combination of all sorts of irritants which either causes or aggravates coughing wheezing and sneezing. The right air filter should detox your indoor air and thus reduce allergy problems.

Never assume all air filters remove all the different air contaminants. People who have breathing difficulties should be mindful of the brand or type of air filter they pay for. A suitable air filter is the one that removes the particular irritant several or aggravates you particular breathing problem. Ask help and advice from an air filter expert before purchasing one for your your home.