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How to Get Started with MilesWeb Reseller Hosting?

Without investing considerably, it is possible to just start with your hosting company via reseller hosting. It allows you to establish an internet hosting company that’s hassle-free and provides outstanding profits.

In reseller hosting, then you may use the tools of a parent hosting supplier and resell those tools as though they belong to your own web hosting firm. The majority of the reseller hosting suppliers like MilesWeb cater with white branded hosting that means that you may sell the hosting providers along with your own brand name and emblem and not one of your customers could ever know about it.

Reseller hosting is fantastic for any company, electronic agencies, internet design/development services and even internet marketers. In reality, anybody who wishes to create some side income may look at getting hosting. You do not have to have high tech knowledge to start with reseller hosting since the majority of the server activities will be dealt with by your parent hosting provider.

So…Are you ready to prepare your reseller hosting company with MilesWeb? If so, you ought to be clueless about how and where to begin with? Here’s a whole startup manual to assist kick-start your hosting company with MilesWeb.

Buy reseller program

Buy a suitable program which can meet the requirement of your clientele and is great enough concerning resources. Picking a Linux and Windows Server Hosting services will wholly depend upon the amount of customers you’ve got and the number of resources their site needs.

MilesWeb supplies its own reseller hosting programs for both Windows and Linux platforms. It’s possible to select depending on your requirement. Initially, you are able to start with a starter program and later update the strategy as your requirement raises.

You are able to buy windows reseller program and Linux reseller program out of MilesWeb through PayPal, Bank Transfer, Visa, Maestro, Rupay and couple more online transaction procedures. MilesWeb has got the reseller hosting programs with and without WHMCS tool. It is possible to decide-on in accordance with your requirement.

Linux and Windows Server Hosting services

Migration request

If you currently have a reseller hosting accounts hosted with another supplier then you have to migrate your account to MilesWeb server, else you can instantly jump to step 3.

To proceed for migration, then we’ll want your cPanel/WHM login information that you are able to email at You may either move all your domain names or specific domains inside your present reseller account to MilesWeb freelancer account. If you simply want specific domain names to be transferred, send a whole collection of these domain names.

When the migration procedure is finished, you receive login information of your own reseller account with MilesWeb in your email.

  1. Reseller login information sent
    The moment you create a purchase/migration procedure is completed, your reseller account becomes triggered. Next, the freelancer account login information are sent in your documented email identification. This may have cPanel/WHM panel information which will be used tocreate hosting packages, making cPanel accounts, change/modify bundles and a whole lot more.
  2. Update name servers
    As soon as your reseller account is triggered, it’s required to stage the domain to MilesWeb freelancer server.

By default you’ll receive,, and as the nameservers using MilesWeb hosting. But, you may also register your own nameservers in order to completely rebrand your hosting on your domain name. By way of instance, your domain name is “” you can register your own nameserver as- and ns2.

This will help you to have”personal nameservers” without revealing MilesWeb server names to your clients.

If you want to have private nameservers, you can register it from your domain registrar panel.

Create new packages in WHM

Before creating your cPanel account it is suggested to create the hosting packages first.

Creating a hosting package means deciding on a range of plans for your web hosting clients from which they can choose. You will have to specify the amount of resources you wish to allot with each plan.

To create plans follow these steps:

Login to your WHM panel
Locate ‘Packages’
Here, click on the very first option ‘Add a Package’
Define the hosting package name and assign the resources such as disk space, bandwidth, subdomains etc. for each of the plans separately.
Click ‘Add’ to create the hosting package.

  1. Create cPanel account in WHM
    With the help of a cPanel, you will be able to setup individual accounts for each of your client. You can give them privileges/ resources according to the plan they have purchased.

To create cPanel accounts:

In WHM panel navigate to ‘Account Functions’
Choose ‘Create a New Account’
Fill in appropriate details to create a cPanel account for your client. From here you can assign package, domain information, email account and so on.
Click on ‘Create’ button to create cPanel account.

Linux and Windows Server Hosting services

Publish site through FTP

As soon as you’ve delegated the desirable package to your customer, uploading their document to your own server comes another step.

With an FTP you can transfer files between your personal computer and the server. For this, you’ll need an FTP client such as FileZilla, Cyberduck. There are lots of FTP clients available online.

Then you’ll have to connect FTP into MilesWeb host (use the identical login information as your cPanel accounts ). When the connection has been successfully set, the documents may be uploaded.

WHMCS installation and configuration

WHMCS instrument is a one-stop store solution for wholesalers. This instrument is helpful for handling billing and encourage ticket petition of your clientele. It simplifies your reseller hosting company by automating all of the manual operations like charging, creating bills, sending reminders, etc..

You get WHMCS instrument with no extra fees with MilesWeb reseller hosting programs — Pluto, Mars and Jupiter. But, you might also purchase this tool individually in the event that you choose Smart, Plus or Pro program.

How to set up WHMCS?

It’s strongly suggested that you utilize the Softaculous script-installer to set up WHMCS since it’s one of the easiest approaches to set up WHMCS only in a few clicks.

Softaculous is by default as part of your reseller hosting accounts with MilesWeb and also the setup procedure for this WHMCS tool is accomplished by the MilesWeb staff .


Reseller hosting is the perfect method to produce another gain. Ensure that you do an entire research beforehand and follow the actions mentioned above to simplify the procedure for preparing your hosting. We expect all of the above-mentioned measures can allow you to prevent an unnecessary headache whilst becoming begun to MilesWeb reseller hosting.