How to: Choose Your Marquee Company

So you want to have a marquee wedding…now what?
There are so many wedding for hire estampille companies out there offering tonnes of different marquees so how do you fully understand who’s going to be the right fit for your day?

We want to help you to understand the key elements you need to consider when you’re discussing your ” special ” day with any marquee company, including ourselves!

Right here are our top five tips for choosing your marquee company:

Tips One: Ask for recommendations!
This might seem obvious but talk to everyone, not only friends and family but also any suppliers (such as your caterer, florist or photographer) who you have already elected. They will undoubtedly know of companies with great reputations. Upon getting a shortlist, make sure to check out their reviews and testimonials on their website and social media!

Tip Two: Make sure they confirm exactly what is included within the quote!
Again, this might sound silly however , sometimes there will be hidden charges such as delivery and gallery or perhaps they have only listed ‘flooring’ – is this hessian flooring or hardwood flooring?. Ensure that these details are highlighted early by asking each company to confirm item by just item what is included and if there are any extra rates you might need to consider.

Tip Three: Get them to tell you about their steps!
Are you going to want a wedding marquee for hire company that consistently checks in with you? Do you want a hands off company which will just check in with you two weeks before the day? Think about the company you hope to receive and listen closely. Are they promising two catch up meetings ahead of your event? Will they get there the day before the event to ensure everything is going properly? And is that what you want?


Tip Four: Ask yourself so why the other quotes are cheaper!
A lower cost means they’re compromising somewhere and it’s your job to work out where. Have they definitely included everything you asked for on the quote? Have they lost on the quality of the marquee itself? Are they offering a mature style marquee? Or are they compromising on the provider of service potentially they are providing? Are they an inexperienced company? Keep in mind that you often get what you pay for.


Tip Five: Trust your instinct!
You aren’t going to like everyone so be sure to make note of how the company communicates with you. Are they quick to respond? Do they answer all your questions? Or do they do a lot of ‘ummm’ing and even ‘errr’ing? You’ll know when you meet the right person to assist you in your dream day come true.

Here at Raise The Roof Timbre, we are proud to offer a full comprehensive service from start to finish. We will provide you with your own dedicated coordinator who will support you during the entire planning process ensuring your dream day comes a fact!