Independent Music Promotion on the Web: 3 Steps to Success

Let face it, the wildfire spread of web-based online websites designed to introduce independent music to the world has created a good bewildering array of opportunities and costs. So where do they virtually all balance out? When does the cost of signing up to yet another music support service yield results? What results are we looking for regardless?

The key is to make your web promotion targeted, systematic and high.

What is the main drive for independent artists promote all their music on the web? The fundamental incentive for web music promotion would be the opportunity to get your music heard by people who might often never know that you exist! If people know you are there they can become fans and repeat-listeners. Which of those devotees buy CD’s and downloads? Targeted listeners.

The most important end goal of web promotion is to attract targeted listeners.

Every independent artist who says they use the web to sell their new music has missed the primary target – attracting targeted listeners. Attracting targeted listeners should be every independent artist’s first of all priority. Remember, you don’t sell your music – audience BUY your music. It’s a buyers market. The more targeted audience members you have, the more sales you make – provided you are characteristic in getting your targeted listeners.

The best way to get targeted fans is to be systematic.

Many artists tend to approach their world-wide-web promotion thinking that since they have a website and have signed up for a couple of artist showcase sites, that the listeners will basically come pouring in. Yes you have managed to target certain potential listeners, but you still have to shout, “Hey, about here… you’ll like the sound of this! ” A systematic route to getting listeners to hear your music will attract and maintain their whole interest. But remember to make sure you have the content ready for the fan base to enjoy.

Sites rich in content will retain your aimed listener.

In the independent artist’s case, the rich subject material is the music. This may seem like old news, but look at the sum of independent artist websites that give the visitor loads of info about the very band but very little (or hidden) ear candy. Song should be the first thing a visitor gets. At the very least they need an obvious connection to where they can listen to your music. And not just one or two monitors but a variety of your music. Independent artists have to consider they have not had the radio exposure to model the production of their music after more well established acts. Listeners needs to be convinced they like your independent music before they will shop for it.

So the question is how to make your web promotion precise, systematic and rich?

Tips for Targeting.

The best targeted guests on the web will be those that make it to your website. Find a way to know who they are. Setup a newsletter and make it easy to sign up to it all. People interested enough to want to receive news about you are your hardcore web fans, keep them happy.

The next perfect group of targeted listeners are those that hear your popular music on other sites. Try to pick sites that allow attendees to link to your site. If they like your music they might mouse click on that link to visit your site. You can then find out where those visitors are coming from. Find a good web statistics package that lets you know which sites your visitors are being referred from. Take heed of those sites and focus your efforts with them accordingly.

When choosing sites on which to promote your music, check to see if they supply any individual stats relating to your music. Like how many list plays or page views you and your music attain on their site. This way you can check in periodically and watch your performance with these sites.

Systematic Steps.

The key to appearing systematic is organization. Keep a note of all the sites you select to promote your music, a brief description of what they do that you just much it costs. Try to get into the practice of watching all of them regularly. Take note of which sites are getting better results rather than others and focus your efforts accordingly. You might pay for no promotion on one website, while another gets you a large amount of listeners for free. Naturally you’ll want to put more effort right into updating the sites that are getting better results.

Provide a link for your website and newsletters to all of the sites you use to showcase your music. Remember your website visitors are your that web fans and are the most likely to check out and spread the word about your spot on other websites. So encourage them to visit your profile on other websites. At the very least it raises your stats on those websites – making your music glance more popular!

Try to create a ring of sites that backlink to each other though the content you supply. For example , you might have your own music on your own website and two other showcase online websites – Site A and Site B. Your site should really without a doubt link with Site A and Site N. Site A should link with your site and Webpage B, Site B should link with your site and even Site A and so on. What if these sites don’t allow you to make links to other sites? Put a web address in the places that they do allow you to supply content. Like biogs or labeling.

The ultimate aim of linking all your sites is to provide your current listeners with a variety of access points to your music, and even access to the different ways various sites may deliver your own personal music. Remember to link to your specific page on the site and not just your website itself. Your site linked with a site that play your rails on Internet radio, linked with a site that sells your for downloading, linked with a site that sells your CD’s provides for a great combination of exposure.